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Sam Bleakly – Media / PR / Booking

Sam came to Japan by way of Hong Kong, by way of mainland China. Sam came to know Christ in Shanghai, and is blessed to be able to take part in the Great Commission. For this project, Sam acts as an armor bearer, helping to raise awareness through public relations efforts, finding guests, and fundraising. He is a Husband to Natalie. During his dayjob he works as a business development guy for a large online language learning company, and publishes his own blog at http://www.languagelearningcouple.comHis interests include playing guitar, learning languages, magic, blogging, hiking, and a ton of other things, and if he did not have a dayjob he would be a full time hobbyist and street preacher. On an intensity scale of 1-10, Sam is a Charlie Sheen. He wants to hear your story. Connect with him at