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About Us

TMP is a space for missionaries to share their stories of God’s work, and connect with Christians all over the world.

Even if you regularly give money to Missions (and statistically, that’s rare), it’s hard to feel you’re part of the global work that’s going on, because we rarely see it in our newsfeeds. But the reach of the Gospel is expanding! God is ever moving and extending His Kingdom! But in our day of instant news and quick online connections, it often seems like missionaries are sent out and then rarely heard from. 

After several years of working closely with missionaries in Japan, I saw a need and opportunity to create a platform for people to hear what’s happening at the frontier of the Gospel’s reach. My hope is that TMP will inspire Christians at home to throw off their comfort and go to the nations, or give generously in support to those who do. Because those are our only options if we are to obey Jesus and usher in His return.         -Jonas

Our staff:

Jonas Davison – Creator / Host

Sam Bleakly – Media / PR / Booking